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Holly Totten is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist and recent graduate from the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD), where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts.  Her solo show, Family Dinner is on Sunday, and her recent group show pieces, Conservation, and We, Me, Us and You: Relationships and Identity all featured reactive circuitry as a way of considering the audience within the context of art. She has spoken and exhibited internationally at the Sound Days Festival in Liepaja, Latvia, and created sound installations for exhibit in Graudu Iela in Latvia, and in Koidu Seltsimaja in Estonia.

Her time as a pre-kindergarten teacher helped to shape her practice as she engages in a discourse on the development of personhood, autonomy, and invisible disabilities. Working to refine and elevate this dialogue, and to find its universalities and resonances with audiences, Holly’s installation art focuses on the intersections among sculpture, video, audio, and motion sensor-based audience interactivity. She is excited to push her skills further as the Banff Center’s Digital Media Studio Practicum Participant.